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How Photography Is Done in A Dark Church for Low-Light Weddings?


Almost every couple is worried about the good photos during the ceremonies in a dark Church. Never mind, professional photographer, are equipped with the endless creative freedom to bring out an excellent prospect through skilled use of the equipment. While photographing at the wedding in the Church, the professionals are always prepared for different lighting situations.

When the couples have to exchange vows and rings, then the wedding ceremonies are normally held inside the Churches. But photos are even taken outside the Church despite the harsh midday sun raging on. On the other hand, the photographers adhere to the special arrangement if the dark Church is limited to natural lighting.

A few basics do the trick to take care of Church Wedding Photography in low light dark Churches. The professional photographers abide by the basics to bring out awesome photos in such situations.

1.Focus on the Right Equipment

First, they conduct a brief study on the natural lighting facility of the Church and then take up the photography equipment subject. They analyze both the capabilities and limitations of the equipment to get the desired results after shooting. Finally, when they have to shoot, they make sure to carry -

i.Full Frame Camera: A full-frame camera is worthy to support during limited-natural-light performance. Even these are more tolerant towards greater quality images at higher scale ISOs. As the camera sensor is a larger one, so the full-frame camera can capture a greater amount of light compared to the crop-sensor camera.

ii.Prime Lenses: While shooting in the low-light situations, the prime lenses are ideal since these have wider apertures so that more light is allowed straight into the sensor of the camera. The photographers save time struggling to acquire adequate light by using the prime lenses’ wide aperture effectively in a dark Church.

2.Wise Settings Adjustment

Being professionals in their field, they are always aware of how the sensors of the camera receive the light while shooting in the low light areas. It is possible to increase the light into the sensors of the camera by opening up the aperture, raising the ISO, and slowing down the shutter speed. Flash adds amazing light in the low-light conditions. So, as the bride arrives at the altar, the photographers are cautious to use the normal lighting and not the flash since it could cause distraction. On the other hand, bouncing flashes play a great role when the bride comes down the aisle and during the bridal party.


Enough light enters the camera’s sensor when the aperture is opened. The photographers ensure the couple is on the same focal plane while photography. Even keeping the same focal plane, the photographers shoot wide open when they are amidst the ceremonies at the altar.

4.Shutter Speed

For harnessing more amount of light, the photographers slow down the shutters' speed. At the same time, they are careful not to lower a lot as it will affect the images' sharpness and even cause motion blur.


Raising the ISO is essential when the photographers are shooting in a dark Church. When the ISO is raised, then the sensitivity of the camera's sensors increases to light. As a result, higher exposure results in the images.

6.Lessening the Grain and Noises

As the ISO is raised, Noise and Grains start to introduce. When the photos are clicked at higher ISO, then the tendency of the noises is more but the photographers deal with the number of grains in the images. They make sure that the couple is properly exposed to in-camera.

Inside the dark Churches where the natural lighting is inefficient, then the photographer takes care to abide by the basics. These basics help them to keep the photos as splendid as possible. By using the exact equipment, they make sure no one can understand that the photos were shot at low light.

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